The Realistic Actions beyond Reality

The flexibility to match any kind of rig and outstanding usability – the commonsense concept in creating stick baits. We pursued it on a different level until we came up with ISANA. We sought the most effective elements for different rigs while developing ISANA. Exquisite material setting, Long cast performance by the high specific gravity, ISANA is almighty for any rig and this will bring sure results.

Immovable Real Action

Immovable Bigbait, MASAMUNE.This unique big bait moves straight without other actions, sucking in water from the head and releasing it from the rear on both sides. The body, equipped with a water duct, has no wiggle at a glance, yet leaves a current behind just like real bait fish. The water taken into the body stabilizes the straight forward movement. Great for regular retrieve, of course, and for gliding straight at high speed in front of bass to trigger a reaction. When you see the fish attacks it from below and somersaults, the jaw-dropping bite scene will convince you how effective “no action” is.

Defying Live Baits

The realistic quality of KOTETSU goes way beyond just a lifelike appearance. Rather than in a usual long cast and retrieve, you will see KOTETSU’s full power in tough middle to short ranges where you know the bass is there, yet you are unable to get a bite with other lures.A low-density, chemical wood facilitates the sweet splashing sound and lifelike pushing through water.We eliminated all thinkable fake appearances by fashioning it with S-shape swimming and reduced rolling, while using the body size common for live bait fish.

Versatile Shad Tail.

TORA, the original gimmick enables this new-concept shad tale to adjust to every situation with diverse actions. By installing a custom part, KAM, which was developed along TORA, a completely new effect is achieved; it randomly lays sideways while flipping, with a tail rotating at high speed.The unique swimming function with only the tail fiercely rotating even during a dead slow is especially effective when you have to endure a slow development i.e. in low water temperature, in pre-spawn period, or under high pressure.The unique swimming function with only the tail fiercely rotating even during a dead slow is especially effective when you have to endure a slow development i.e. in low water temperature, in pre-spawn period, or under high pressure.

The Straight Attacker

Delta is a puddle-tail straight. We have sought after a resilient, highly-buoyant material and designed a form that creates special movements, enabling various worming. The firm setting focuses on resiliency, and the triangular cross section with a keel will not let Delta just wobble along. With the water pressure from the whole body micro-vibrating and with the visual effect from the puddle, Delta entices bites. Straight worming, which tends to be monotonous in action, is now promoted to a higher level. Delta will stand out as a straight worm on offence.

Something to Be Eaten

Grouping animals that the bass feed on, we designed a shape in Kaesu style for Yago. With the adaptability to go from slow methods to speedy handling, With the shape which the bass just love beyond reason, Yago plays “something to be eaten” at a pond, river, reservoir or big lake, adapting to every situation and rig, drop-shot, jig head, trailer for rubber jig, chatter bait, and so on.

Bite Hitter

DH’s goal is only one – to get a bite. We even sacrificed the grip on the hook and a long-casting ability in pursuit of flexibility and floatation. More than anything else, this sensitive, self-acting characteristic excels as a heavy drop-shot rig. Since DH does not require any major handling of a rod, it is able to stay in the same spot for a long haul, continually repeating actions until a bite comes. In popular areas with constant pressure on fish, where you were sure big bass were hiding, you may have given up in the past. But now you have an ultimate means with DH’s unique characteristics to tackle the impossible. In a long haul near structures, DH is an indispensable weapon.

Konoha Leaf Dances

Konoha was designed for a movement that the bass react to.  It is a soft bait that falls like a leaf, specialized for jig head wacky. Its falling action in an illuminating effect, while flipping and dancing, ever changing its shape, does not mimic any particular bait. However, it is a fact that there are some bass that show unusual interest in this movement. Despite its compact body, Konoha has a strong presence. Watch out for a sudden attack from a big bass.

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