The flexibility to match any kind of rig and outstanding usability – the commonsense concept in creating stick baits. We pursued it on a different level until we came up with ISANA.
On a no-sinker rig, the body rolls around, the fin flaps like a flag, and the tail wags as it falls. This is truly the bait fish that swims with its own will. Upon seeing it, anyone will be convinced ISANA is the stick bait with an astounding catching ability.
It can dart while twitching. Or in a short jerk, you can feel the tail’s tremble at the tip of your rod as it quickly goes straight. This escape action can trigger a bite.
On the Texas rig, ISANA mimics a bait fish picking at the bottom. In the mid strolling with a jig head, it entices fish by pushing water, rolling, and flashing. In the retrieving with a weighted hook, its natural swimming can make the bass go crazy that are used to shad tails. We sought the most effective elements for different rigs while developing ISANA.
It works not only with a down shot, nail rig, Neko rig and chatter bait, but also as the trailer of a swim jig or a back slide. The fine design of materials allows the long life on a hook. Its high-density makes the long casting stress-free. Regardless of jigs, the ultimate stick bait, ISANA invites a catch with the realistic performance that goes way beyond reality. The number of catches you will make will be the proof of its effectiveness.


On the back and the stomach, materials with drastically different weight of salt contents are used to secure an ideal falling posture. The upper fin is soft and light, while the lower tail is created for strong, graceful actions with the heavier material. The high-density bait is harder to break and lasts well on the hook. The original formula is made of extracts from bait fish and shellfish.

2.Body Form

The vertical flat body creates the water movement that signals its presence. The smooth recess is on both sides of the body to catch water and push it. This curve was achieved by thoroughly polishing up the mold to bring out the mirroring effect. We insisted on this feature to generate natural flashing, especially in a rolling action as in the mid strolling.
The unique tail, heavy at the tips, catches the flow of water and automatically sways right and left. When that action causes the fin to flag, ISANA’s characteristic, realistic tail action comes alive.
The concave‐convex back surface aim to capture the water better and help to hide the hook just a-skin-layer deep.

3.Examples of Setting

ISANA is almighty for any rig. And this stick bate changes its characteristics depending on a rig, enticing bites with the most potent action – twitches, jerks, lifts and falls, or just swims straight – that will bring sure results.


4.8inch , 6.5inch


4.8inch : approximately 8g(0.28oz) ,
6.5inch : approximately 18g(0.63oz)




  • (in order from the upper left) #01 Spawn Gill
  • #02 Grass Gill
  • #03 Cinnamon Blue Flake Back
  • #04 Umber Shiner
  • #05 Golden Shiner
  • #06 Chart Flake Natural
  • #07 Sprayed Grass
  • #08 Silver Pearl
  • #09 Green Pearl Shiner
  • #10 Chart Back Hologram




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