“Catch the big bass that only responds to live baits.” This daredevil concept is realized with the answer from the Kaesu Factory. KOTETSU is it. A low-density, chemical wood facilitates the sweet splashing sound and lifelike pushing through water. The back hook makes its existence invisible to fish and helps chart cluttered structures in water without tangles. We eliminated all thinkable fake appearances by fashioning it with S-shape swimming and reduced rolling, while using the body size common for live bait fish. In addition, the density and falling posture are tweaked to perfection, realizing the dead slow fall with its head downward and the body swaying. The amazing sensitivity lets it swim with the slightest line tension. This natural, hard bait is as stunningly real as a “live animal with its own will,” so that it lures cunning big bass without suspicion and it leads to an instant bite just like when they attack live baits. The realistic quality of KOTETSU goes way beyond just a lifelike appearance. Rather than in a usual long cast and retrieve, you will see KOTETSU’s full power in tough middle to short ranges where you know the bass is there, yet you are unable to get a bite with other lures.

1.Hook Setting on the Back

Our hook on the back makes it invisible, letting you to attack covers without fear, while making the bottom stay possible. The wire linking system helps prevent fish from escaping; the wire is secured with silicon tubes in the body slits and freed from the body upon hooking.

2.Solid Body of Chemical Wood

After seeking for consistent density, not found in styrofoam or natural materials, and for low density, impossible with ABS resin, we chose chemical (artificial) wood. The solid body, made possible by this material, produces a splashing sound and water pressure even more lively than those of real fish. It also helps with weight adjustment and balancing. Our relentless search literally gave KOTETDU life. Watch how it swims like a live fish only using line tension.

3.Soft Tail and Rotary Tail Hook

The elastomer tail prevents damages. The tail hook rotates 360 degrees, keeping appropriate tension, while preventing itself from deformity and the fish from getting away. The sub hook not only complements the hook-up probability, but also captures kiss bites at the tail, which was proven effective in the Smallmouth Bass fishing test at a lake in the USA.








  • (in order from the upper left) Ooze Red
  • Green Back Shiner
  • Natural Sexy Shad
  • White Fang
  • Light Rainbow


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