The big bait, medium and larger, attracts attention by its sheer size. The fish cannot help but chase it, though they sometimes give up on its tricky actions before they ever bite. That’s where MASAMUNE comes mighty handy! This unique big bait moves straight without other actions, sucking in water from the head and releasing it from the rear on both sides. The body, equipped with a water duct, has no wiggle at a glance, yet leaves a current behind just like real bait fish. The water taken into the body stabilizes the straight forward movement. Since the first model released in 2011, it’s changed to the chemical wood body that guarantees the uniform quality in every bait. The soft tale was added to produce micro vibration for slightly more action. Its appeal is not only for bass, but also for anglers to enjoy watching it as they keep casting. Great for regular retrieve, of course, and for gliding straight at high speed in front of bass to trigger a reaction. When you see the fish attacks it from below and somersaults, the jaw-dropping bite scene will convince you how effective “no action” is.

1. Body Form & Material

Chemical Wood body was the answer after we sought uniformity (not in resin foam or natural materials) and low density (impossible with ABS resin). The water duct takes water into the body, divides it in half, and lets it out from the rear. The unique water flow it creates tickles the bass’ lateral line - MASAMUNE’s secret to enticing bites. It’s not the regular “no action.”

2. Feather Hook & Soft Tail

The soft tail responds even to the weakest water flow, creating fast micro vibration – a visual plus. The natural movement, although designed to be a minor action, gathers the attention of bass while entertaining anglers in repetitious casting. The feather hook flares while retrieving and varies the overall shape, supplementing the no-action body with a more natural visual effect.

3. Swimming Range & Tuning

It’s set to swim 5 -10 cm (2 - 4 inches) below the water surface with 16 - 20lb Fluoro line in a medium-speed retrieve. For a dead-slow retrieve or keeping it down during the pause, tune with weights to regulate the flotation. Appropriate tuning recommended for deep ranges also.








  • (in order from the upper left) Katana
  • Purple Haze
  • Ayu
  • White Fang
  • Light Rainbow


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